A Fresh Start

For a while now, I’ve been thinking I should write more. I often run into things that would be (in my opinion) interesting to share with others, and my personal website is the obvious place to do just that.

However, it had been neglected for the past couple years. It hadn’t been updated in a long time (the last article was from 2019) and it was built using Hugo, a static site generator that I never use anymore.

Every time I wanted to publish an article or share something, I felt like I couldn’t because I would have to update my website first. Of course, I never took the time to actually sit down and do this, so I ended up just not publishing anything.

With the holidays approaching and some free time on my hands I decided to do what every programmer loves to do, and started fresh. I work with WordPress every day, and decided to use it for my own website as well. I love WordPress and its current direction, and this will be a great place to experiment and try new things.

I used the excellent Block Theme Generator to create a basic empty theme and tweaked some values in theme.json. This theme is intentionally minimal and barebones. I want it to naturally evolve over time as I figure out what I need and want to add to it, rather than trying to perfect it before sharing with the world.

There’s lots of things missing. The comments section looks like a bit of a mess. There design is quite basic. There’s no portfolio or case studies. All these are things that I will add, but I didn’t want it to stop me from what I really should be doing—writing more!

I do custom WordPress development work every day—building custom blocks, integrating API’s into custom plugins, translating complex eCommerce business logic into code, creating WP-CLI commands, and so forth—and I find it interesting and fulfilling.

I’m 100% sure that there’s at least one person out there that might benefit from me sharing what I do and how I did it, which will make it all worth the while. There will be much more on this site very soon!

Written by Daniel Post

Hi! I’m Daniel Post, a freelance full-stack WordPress developer from the Netherlands. This is my personal website, where I share articles and guides related to WordPress.

I am also available for hire, so if you’re looking for a developer for your next project feel free to get in touch!

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